Two yeas ago, I had no intention of starting a business, but God had another plan that Saturday morning when I went to my first essential oil class. I had next-to-no experience with essential oils,  zero experience with direct selling (in fact, I was scared to death of sales altogether) and not much money. But God took what I had and did a loaves and fish thing with it as I shared these natural solutions for health, beauty and emotions found in these gifts God hid in plants.  Today I have a team of over 2,800 people who have found health and wellness with essential oils.


I’ve grown a ton, met the most amazing people and have contributed to our bank account like a seasoned executive, all while working at home around my family’s busy schedule. I feel so blessed! I’m looking for three women to mentor who want to do the same thing for their families. I have some very key positions on my team that need someone who is motivated, has a desire to work hard and loves to help people. This isn’t a get-rich-quick gig, but it’s simple and I can coach you to do what I’ve done. Get in touch with me through the Contact Me page on this blog and tell me a little about yourself.


I’m stunned to see how long it’s been since I’ve posted anything new. Summer had absolutely no routine. I think I wrote all of about three new posts!

Habits are back in place as we are now back to school, but my habits this year are something brand new to me. I’m working at home. The little essential oil business I joined as an Independent Product Consultant in the spring has grown into a lovely business in which I’m so excited to be investing my time and energy.

Helping people find natural solutions that really work has sparked a new passion in my heart. But it’s not leaving a lot of time for other creative ventures. So while I hope time will make room for more writing and sharing, I just felt it was important to let you all know what’s become of me. I’m not quitting blogging or anything like that. Life is good. God is good. And He continues to guide and bless my family’s new journey in a new place that is now feeling just like home.


Inspired by an event I attended, I made this for dinner tonight. Well, made isn’t really the right word. I assembled this for dinner tonight. An assorted crudite, lots of dips, some fresh fruit, crusty rosemary bread and the most delicious French cheese ever (available at Costco, mind you). We called it a Dinner Party and the kids were thrilled with the change in the usual dinner arrangements. I think they even ate more veggies than usual. The perfect change up for supper! And the tired-of-cooking mama!


{Because I know you’ll want to try it, the cheese is called Le Delice de Bourgogne and is sold at Costco for $10.99/pound. We still have lots left and I’m hoping I can live self-controlled with this French triple creme cheese in my fridge.}

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Well I’ve been afraid of changing

‘cause I built my life around you

But time makes you bolder

Children get older,

I’m getting older too.

(Landslide, Stevie Nicks)

 I’ve heard this song countless times since I grew up in the 70s, but in the last year, these lyrics resonated with me for reasons I didn’t comprehend. Yes, I was getting older (and yes, those are gray hairs.)  And yes, the Lord was leading me to quit my decade-long gig of homeschooling which really did feel like a life encircled by my children–all day, everyday. But there was more to it.

As much as I needed change to shake me from the burnout I was living, I was afraid of changing. I can see that now. Now that I have changed.

Something happened after I turned forty a few years back. My perspective became clearer. And there were things I saw that I didn’t like. Things in myself. Things in my life.

There were dreams drying with the dishes. And I knew I didn’t want to face the same life, the same me in the mirror when fifty rolls around.

Maybe it’s the stuff midlife crises are made of, except it didn’t involve the usual sordid details. And it won’t. I’m crazy in love with my husband and these half dozen blessings.

But I felt brave for the first time in decades. Ready for something else. Ready to take the blind leaps of faith that would usher in change. It was exhilarating, really.

It reminds me of the “I-can-conquer-the-world” college graduate I was back in the 90s. The ideals were big and the means were small, but that didn’t stop me. In fact, it started me.

So mamas, I say all this so that you won’t fear the future. Embrace new seasons. Try new things. Don’t be afraid to chase after a dream or to pick up the one God places on your path. It might seem impossible or crazy or risky, but be bold with the life you’ve been blessed with. God loves to do new things with his girls. Listen for His voice guiding you, uniquely laying out a path for you. Sure, it might be mocked or even scorned by those who fear change, but small minds just do that.Don’t let it deter you. God is in the business of bold, big dreams. Keep your eyes on Him.



And then they came home

Just when I was getting a good little routine going, school ended. All my kiddos were home again. Summer vacation commenced with a trip and I’ve been off kilter ever since. Last night, I went to bed before 4 of my children. Yes, we have lost our grasp on normalcy. It’s hard to have a […]

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And the winners are….

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Together {5 Minute Friday}

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Welcome Trades of Hope {new sponsor}

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