4 Ways of How to Keep Squirrels from Eating Tomatoes at Your Garden

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It cannot be denied that squirrel is one of the cutest and agile animals on earth. A squirrel could move fast and it could entertain you with its movement. However, when you have your own garden at your home, the wild squirrel could be considered as a pest, especially if you own tomatoes or any vegetables planted in your garden.

So, how to keep squirrels from eating tomatoes at your garden? Do not be afraid, you will be reading several tips of how to keep squirrels from eating tomatoes at your garden. If you think that you have trouble in keeping the squirrels out from your garden, then you could use the tips below.

1. Scare the Squirrel Away

You could pet a dog or a cat to keep the squirrel away from your garden. However, it just a normal pet if you do not train them. The most effective one is a cat to shove off the squirrel. Just put some cat food and cat home near your tomatoes garden and it will guard your garden.

Furthermore, it is also effective to keep some Border collie dogs. It is some fierce dog that specialized in guarding house or garden against pest. In order for the dog to be able to keep your garden, you have to train it before to keep away pest.

2. Build a Cage to keep them away

Squirrel is a naughty animal and will keep moving from one place to another. You have to tweak your mind and build something to keep them away. How to keep squirrels from eating tomatoes? Just build a cage around your tomatoes plant to keep them away from eating your tomatoes. Those squirrels will not have any open entrance to go to the tomatoes. Pretty neat, huh!

To make some cage, you could just use a wire. Form the wire like a circle and loop the strands of the wire with pliers. Then place it around your tomatoes field in the garden. To add some effectiveness on your cage, add a bird netter to secure the cage.

3. Trick Them Out

If you want to use this trick, do it with extra caution. Why? This way is kind of dangerous and a little bit hurting the animal. You could use some red pepper tea to make them away from your tomatoes. It might hurt their stomach, but it could scare them away and make them believe that the place is not really safe. Remember, use it with extra caution and try not to overdose the red pepper tea to the squirrel.

4. Distract Their Attention

Put something that has been the favorites of squirrels away from your tomatoes’ field. If you put their favorites, it will attract them to move away from your tomatoes and follow the trail of the food that you placed before. You have to select the best food that they really like, like sunflower seeds, peanuts or corn. Oh, do not forget to put some water for them to drink at your distraction place. If you do not put some water, they will go to your tomatoes and drink from there

Well, that is the 4 ways of how to keep squirrels from eating tomatoes at your garden. It might be not an easy way to keep the squirrel out from your garden and your plant, but with some effort, you could shove them off and keep your garden healthy and better. Remember, do not use force or violence to keep the squirrel out from your garden, since squirrel is also a being and need to live. Until then, good luck!


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