5 Homemade Herbicides as the Environmentally Friendly Weed Killer

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A problem which threatens the grass and the plant is the weed. Weed is a disturbing plant which attacks grass and plant in the lawn. Many planters feel anxious with the existence of weeds in their lawns. The more weeds in the lawn will cause the more damage to the grass and the plant in the lawn.

The one way to get rid of the weeds in the lawn is using herbicide. There are 5 homemade herbicides as the environmentally friendly weed killer without chemical ingredient. Having the natural herbicides is better than chemical herbicide because the chemical herbicides will give bad impacts to the surrounding soil, water flow, and water surface.

A strong chemical herbicide, chemical fungicide, and pesticide can contaminate the drinking water, groundwater, and surface water even after killing the weeds. Therefore, an easy way is pulling the weeds, digging its’ roots and letting them under the sun until dry.

After that, the dried weeds can be mixed with compost and applied onto weeds and surrounding plant and grass. It will spend a long time but besides that, there are easier ways from 5 homemade herbicides as the environmentally friendly weed killer which not give bad impacts to the surrounding soil and water surface.

1. Hydrogen monoxide

Hydrogen monoxide is one of the ingredients which is used to make a homemade herbicide. We can boil the hydrogen monoxide till boiling then we pour it onto weeds. Using boiled water which contains hydrogen monoxide is an effective way to get rid of the weeds from cracks of sidewalks, floor, and wall.

It can be also applied to the large area after the weeds disappear because it will prevent the growth weeds. This homemade herbicide is available to use in long term.

2. Fire

The second homemade herbicide is fire. We can use fire to kill the weeds by lightning them.   We can switch on the fire and put it near the weeds, it makes the weeds’ leaves withered. If this way is reapplied onto weeds, it will kill the crabgrass. In other that, we can directly burn the weeds and we should be careful because weeds are flammable plants.

3. Sodium chloride

 The next homemade herbicide is sodium chloride or salt. This ingredient gives a bad impact to the soil; therefore we better apply the salt only to the weeds leaves. We can make the herbicide with this ingredient. Step one; dissolve 1 part of salt and 8 parts of hot water into a spray bottle with add small pieces of soap and Spray them onto the weeds.

4. Vinegar

We can use vinegar to get rid of the weeds. This is one of 5 homemade herbicides as the environmentally friendly weed killer. We can buy vinegar in the market and it does not spend a lot of money.  We can mix the vinegar with the detergent and pour them onto the weeds leaves.

We have to be careful when pouring them because they can kill the surrounding plant and grass near with the weeds.

5. Borax

The fifth homemade herbicide as the environmentally friendly weeds killer is borax. We can find it easily in the grocery stores. We can mix10 ounces of the borax with 2.5 gallons of water. After that, we can put them into a spray bottle and spray them onto the weeds. In using this homemade herbicide, we have to be care full because it is not good for us to directly interact with the bare skin.

There are many ways to get rid the weeds from our houses or lawns, but using chemical herbicide is not the right way. It causes pollution in the soil, water flow and water surface. Therefore better we make the herbicide by ourselves. It will cheaper and not give bad impact to the surrounding plant or grass which are near with the weeds.

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