Best Weed Killer For St. Augustine Grass

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Growing St. Augustine grass in your lawn is fascinating. Looking at the green of the grass while enjoying some cookies can be relaxing. When it comes to getting rid of weeds, many homeowners feel frustrated as the weeds keep growing. But you do realize that this perpetual plight has to be ended. Therefore, the best weed killer for St. Augustine grass is still being sought. Here are some best weed killers for St. Augustine grass that may turn out well to your lawn.

1. Pull the weeds out

One of the best weed killers for St. Augustine grass is doing the manual and old school labour that is pulling them out from the soil.

This is an old fashioned method of gardening. It is arduous, exhausting, and time consuming. But it is really effective because you eradicate the weeds and prevent them from re-growing by pulling the root system out. Besides, it is the safest way to kill the weeds. It does not use any harmful chemical that may put your health and St. Augustine at risk.

2. Vinegar mixture

Another natural way to get rid of weeds is by mixing white vinegar, salt, and dishwashing soap. The vinegar contains, at least, 5% acidic acid. You do not need to buy pricey salt. Any table salt will do.

This mixture has been widely used by homeowners to get rid of weeds. And it works pretty well. But, the drawback of this technique is that it is not as safe as the manual labour. It will kill the weeds as well as any vegetations near the weeds as well as St. Augustine grass.

3. Boiling Water

Another simple yet effective method of killing the weeds is by using boiling water. Bring some water to the boil. When the water is boiling, remove it from the stove. Then pour the water over the weeds.  You will see the weeds die in no time. But, it may also cause any harm to your St. Augustine grass as it does not only kill the weeds, but also the plants that are in contact with it.

4. Herbicides

If the natural and manual methods do not work, you can try applying herbicide over the weeds. But you need to make sure whether the product is safe for St. Augustine grass by looking at the label.

But if there is no label saying that the herbicide is St. Augustine friendly, you can take a look at the active ingredients that you find in the label. If you find Dicamba as one of the active ingredients of certain herbicides, you’d better to avoid using that product as Dicamba is harmful to St. Augustine grass. It will be better if you use the products that use MCPA and Bromoxynil as the active ingredient since they do not cause any harm to St. Augustine grass.

You can take a crack at Ortho Weed B Gon Weed Killer for Lawns Concentrate2, one of the best herbicides that can be used to kill weeds, not your lawn, effectively. This herbicide is claimed to be able to kill more than 250 types of weeds without damaging your lawn if you use it as directed. You can see the results in a couple of hours. It is convenient, safe, and efficient.

Those are some best weed killers for St. Augustine grass that you can do by yourself without any help from an expert. But you also have to be careful not to prioritize your safety before applying one of those methods especially when you are trying to pour the boiling water because your safety is the most important thing.


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