Grow Room Temperature And Humidity Control

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People use grow room to grow plants under certain controlled conditions. The reason of using grow room can be varied. It can be because they want to flourish their plants in a better condition or it is simply because they do not have enough space to grow the plants. But, if you choose grow room to germinate your plants, you need to pay an extra attention to its temperature and humidity. And, therefore, you might need grow room temperature and humidity control.

Why temperature and humidity are issues to you

Plants which are sowed outdoor get sufficient sunlight and carbon dioxide that play important role in photosynthesis. All the natural things that they need are just perfect and meet their requirements well.

On the other hand, growing plants in a grow room requires you to manipulate the room’s so that it has the same condition and quality as what the plants get outdoor. Sunlight is the most crucial issue in growing plants indoor. Some people use artificial light got from high power lamps in addition to sunlight.

Due to this manipulated condition, the grow room can be too hot and has poor humidity which can damage the plants rather than flourishing it. Thst is the reason why grow room temperature and humidity control is eminently important.

Common problems caused by excess heat and poor humidity are white powdery mildew, bud mold, slowed growth, poor nutrients, and poor aromas and flavors which usually happen to herbs.

How to control temperature and humidity in a grow room

There are some ways thst you can apply for grow room temperature and humidity control.

1. Install Humidity and Temperature Monitor

Installing humidity and temperature monitor in your grow room is crucial because it enables you to observe whether the humidity and temperature is good for your plants.

Try installing AcuRite 00613 or Ambient Weather WS-07. They are really good products and you should give them a try.

2. Get the air exchanged

Another grow room temperature and humidity control is by getting the air exchanged, you can use either air conditioner or an inline fans. But if you want something affordable yet effective, you can install some inline fans to cool down your grow room. They are practical, effective, and will not burn a whole in your pocket.

You can try purchasing Apollo Holticulture Inline Fans. This product is just perfect for your grow room. It sets you back $60 to $90 depending on its size. This product also comes with a 3-year warranty.

3. Do not over-water your plants

Overwhelming your plants is not a great idea. It can lead to excess humidity. If the humidity of your grow room is too high, you can lower it by increasing ventilation, installing dehumidifier, defoliating few plants, or installing air conditionals.

4. Adjust the light

Low temperature is as bad as excess heat. Flourishing plants in a grow room needs a good care of the temperature. It must be suitable for your plants. If you use artificial lights, you can turn off the lights during the day time, when the temperature tends to be higher, and turn on the lights at night because the temperature tends to be very low.


Germinating plants in a grow room might be a good choice especially if you do not have any yard to cultivate plants. But you have to keep in mind that growing plants in a grow room needs an extra care especially when it comes to maintaining the temperature and

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