How to Get Rid Of Crabgrass in Lawn before Summer Comes

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Crabgrass is a creeping grass which can become serious weeds in summer. This problem will be worst along summer because the crabgrass can grow stronger and faster in hot and dry condition. Even the crabgrasses can die in autumn but they have become the serious weeds before autumn comes. Every each serious weed can spread one thousand seeds and more to germinate in the next weather.

It would be a bad threat for surrounding grasses. If it happens in some lawn, it will make the surrounding grasses death.  In this case, People have to start cut the crabgrass at their lawn in spring before summer comes. Here are precise ways how to get rid of crabgrass in lawn and maintenance the grass before summer comes.


Stop the Crabgrass growth

Stop the crabgrass growth in the first place arises with pre-emergent herbicides. A pre-emergent herbicide is herbicide type which is applied to the soil before weeds grow. The preborn herbicides will work by forming a chemical layer on the ground surface.

The crabgrass seeds eat food from the herbicides during the germination, and it will kill the crabgrass after that. This is the first precise way how to get rid of crabgrass in lawn.


Apply the preborn herbicides in the late winter or early spring

Next precise way in how to get rid of crabgrass in lawn is by applying the preborn herbicides in late winter or early spring when the soil temperature is stable 10 degrees Celsius and at a depth of 4 inches. To know the precise time in applying the herbicides to the crab grass, better to use a thermometer to measure the soil temperature.

Don’t forget to apply the herbicides with the fertilizer because it will make the grass thicker and stronger than before. So the grass can kill the crabgrass easily without spending a lot of money and energy to get rid of crabgrass in lawn.


Be careful when applying the herbicides

Before using the herbicides, people should read the instructions on the label, no matter how small the label prompts. The valuable information will help the user to use the herbicides well. Besides that, please find the herbicides which use following active ingredients: dithiopyr, pro diamine or pendimethalin.   Better to apply the herbicides in a lot of crabgrass because if not, it will kill the young beautiful grass or plant there.


In addition, if the young crabgrass is found among the grasses, better to cut it soon as possible but if the old crabgrass is found between them, better to let the old crabgrass die in autumn. When the old crabgrass is cut, it will leave thousand weed seeds or more which will ready attack the healthy grass and plant in lawn.


The next action after running those precise ways well of how to get rid of crabgrass in the lawn is maintenance the grass in lawn. This next action is important to follow up or prevent the crabgrass growth. Therefore, to maintenance the grass, there are several things that can people do. The first is letting the grass and plant with a lot of water not little by little.

The second is cutting the grass in lawn minimum once a week and letting the pieces of grass spread there. The third is using the fertilizers which not contain a lot of nitrogen. The fourth is making aeration to fertilize the soil. The fifth is re-breeding. Replant the lawn to encourage appropriate grass growth.

It is very important to get rid of crabgrass in the lawn because crabgrass will kill the lawn grass easily. To avoid it, people have to take care their grasses and lawns from the danger of crabgrass.


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