Some Easy Ways of Caring For Bougainvillea

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Bougainvillea is one of the most favorite decorative plants that comes with various charming colors. It can be formed as bonsai plant as well, adding its charms and beauties. If it is made as bonsai plant, it looks as if it grows leaves from its flowers that cluster over the trunk. To add several color variations on the bougainvillea tree, you can apply a kind of planting technique by sticking a stem of one bougainvillea tree to the other tree. Caring for bougainvillea is a kind of attracting activity. It really needs patience even though it is pretty easy to do.


Some Easy Ways of Caring for Bougainvillea at Home


Caring for bougainvillea is not hard. However, there are several points you need to pay attention to when planting bougainvillea in your garden.


  1. Plant it in the right media. This plant is fond of sandy media with small pores that functions to smooth the air flow as well as for drainage. In addition, the sand is also able to stabilize the moisture. Add the sand into the pot until it feels one-third part of the pot.


  1. An open area is the best place for this plant. Basically, the bougainvillea is included to the plant that needs more sunlight, which is 70 percent, even when the day is scorching and hot. Therefore, an open area will make it easy to grow well.


  1. Bougainvillea tends to be lush. Thus, it will grow and bloom with very heavy leaves and flowers. Therefore, the stem should be trimmed regularly to allow the other stems to grow so it will be more fertile. Besides adding the beauty and maintain the form, the trim is also useful to stimulate the flower growth and protect it from any diseases and unexpected weeds. Make sure you always pay attention to the aesthetic factors when trimming the branches. You only need to cut out the excessive one.


  1. Basically, this plant doesn’t need any fertilizer. However, if the soil where it grows doesn’t contain enough nutrients, fertilize the soil sufficiently. It would be better if the fertilizer used is organic or compost, of course with a reasonable dose. Avoid using the chemical fertilizers, especially if you haven’t really known how to use them properly.


  1. Like the other plants, this decorative plant needs lots of water at the beginning of planting. The new growing roots need more water than the bigger roots. So when it grows bigger, it will reach the phase where it doesn’t need too much water any longer. This phase is called as a dry phase. The dry phase will occur when this plant starts showing its buds. At this time, start reducing the water supply since it will be more difficult to bloom if it gets too much water. However, this dry phase doesn’t take so long, which is only for 3 or 4 days until the flowers bloom entirely.


  1. Don’t forget to prevent the pest attacks such as caterpillars or other pests and also weeds by spraying anti-pest fluid.


The propagation of bougainvillea can be done by stem cuttings. The process is quite easy. Cut the old stem along 15-20 cm and plug it into the fertile and porous media and place the prospective new plant in the shady area. Then, water it regularly.  Approximately twenty days later, the new shoots will pop up.


If you are bougainvillea lovers, maybe you have some other tips and ways to take care of the bougainvillea. Since it is a decorative plant for indoor and outdoor, it should be maintained well to keep your dwell beautiful and charming.



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