This Home Made Permanent Vegetation Killers are Powerful!

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If you have unwanted vegetations and you want to permanently kill it or control it for a long time, you can choose several industrial products of permanent vegetation killers. But if you want to use the natural or homemade materials that will not hurt the animals, you can make it by your own self. It will be powerful, cheaper, natural, environmentally friendly, and home made.

Using the chemical pesticides, herbicides and other kinds of vegetation killers will give pollution to your drinking water and soil, when you plant something on it, it will give toxic materials to your plants.

Some homemade vegetation killer can be good options to permanently kill your unwanted vegetations without killing this earth. There are several homemade options that you can choose and start to use it.

1. WhiteVinegar

This household item is very powerful to kill the unwanted vegetation. By ‘pickling’ the unwanted vegetations with white vinegar, it will make them die and make room for your the ground for more desirable plants. There are several version of vinegar that usually available in the store. Vinegar in groceries store is about 5% acetic acid and it is strong enough for kill the weeds.

Whereas, at many garden stuff supplier, you can find up to 20% acetic acid vinegar. Spray the full strength vinegar into the unwanted vegetations and put a little liquid dish detergent can improve the power of this homemade vegetation killer. Vinegar is a not selective vegetation killer, so be careful to spray it.

This means that when you spray it to your garden with weeds and vegetable, your vegetables will die as well as the weeds. So just apply it to the unwanted vegetation’s leaves.

2. Sodium Chloride

Sodium chloride or is usually called by salt, is a very effective herbicide. Salting the ground will prevent any vegetations from growing there. Mix the salt part with hot water with the ratio of 1:8 or mix 1 salt part with 3 part of hot water to make it stronger. Give the small amount of liquid dish soap to help it adhere to the leafs.

Pour it into a spray bottle and spray the vegetations with this mixture. Salt is very powerful, it can permanently kill the vegetation. Be careful in spray it to the ground, so you can still plant some desirable plants into your yard.

3. Alcohol

Do you know what happens if you rubbed the alcohol into something? It will draw the water out and helps to evaporate it so quick. The similar thing will happen if you put in on a plant,  it will basically sucking the water from the unwanted vegetations. It will be a very powerful permanent vegetation killer that you can easily make it at home.

4. Bleach

Your spot remover will become a vegetations remover as well. Put some bleach into a spray bottle and spray it to your unwanted vegetations. The good thing for use bleach is that the chemical materials of the bleach will evaporate around two days and your ground will be safe again. A very easy permanent vegetation killer for make it at home.

The addition information is that the previous materials can be combined to produce the best result. Add small amount of liquid dish soap will increase the effectiveness of homemade permanent vegetation killer. It will not kill the vegetations but it will help your vegetation killer to stick to the unwanted vegetation leaves.

Make some researches for create your own recipe. Now, be ready for have a fun time when murdering the unwanted vegetation at your field.


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