Tips and Information of How to Get Rid Of Tree Stumps with Epsom Salt

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You might usually found Epsom salts at home in the bathing area, like in the shower room. However, you could use Epsom salt for other useful ways, removing tree stumps.  You might be questioning yourself ‘how to get rid of tree stumps with Epsom salt? Isn’t it something to be used in the bathroom or for a shower?’ Well, it is something common that people know the use of Epsom salt. However, if you try to mix Epsom salt with water, then you could end the life of tree stumps instantly. It might sound terrible, but tree stumps actually a nuisance for us.

Do you know that the tree will continue to grow after it is being cut down? So to end the life of a tree permanently, you have to destroy not only the top part of the tree but also the lower and bottom part of it, which called the roots. If you destroy the roots of the tree, then you could destroy the entire life of the tree, even though the tree is still standing tall. Epsom salt could do the job of finishing the roots or the tree stumps. So if you want to know how to get rid of tree stumps with Epsom salt, then you could check the article here.

Notes before using Epsom Salt

Before you use Epsom salt to get rid of the tree stumps, you have to remember that the degree of tree stumps have to be perfect, not too dry and not too damp. If it is too dry or too damp, then the salt will lose its effect before reaching the roots.

How to Use it Epsom Salt?

a. Injection

To inject the Epsom salt for killing the tree stumps, you have to drill several holes on the tree stumps. You have to drill more than 1 inch deep at the stumps with several patterns that has a gap between each hole. Then, pour the Epsom salt into the holes that you made before. After that, pour some water into the hole carefully in order to keep the salt stay in the holes and not sticking out of the holes. Lastly, cover the stumps with items that prevent the rain from overflowing the holes on the tree stumps, like a tarp or something. If you do it carefully and following the instruction perfectly, then the tree stumps will be vaporized in 2 to 3 months.

b. Watering

If you feel that drilling and making holes take a really hard work or you do not have the tools to do that, do not be afraid. You can still use Epsom salt to get rid of tree stumps. If not drilling and pouring it into the tree stumps, so how to get rid of tree stumps with Epsom salt? Well, you could water the tree stumps with the mix of water and Epsom salt. You have to mix 2 gallons of water and 1 gallon of Epsom salt to create at least 4 to 5 bucket of it. Then, pour the mix of water and Epsom salt to the tree stumps and repeat once a week until you see the tree stumps dry.

So what do you think guys? Does the information above really helpful and adding you an information of how to get rid of tree stumps with Epsom salt? You can use Epsom salt to kill tree stumps if the tree is blocking or disturbing the community, but you have to replace the tree that you kill with a new one. Remember; do not kill all trees because we as a human still need trees to keep on living and survive. If you kill all the trees without replacing it with the new one, then it is the same like you destroying our life. Save Trees!

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