4 Natural and Fastest Ways to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Out from Your Bedroom

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Bed bugs are the bugs that live within your beds that live by sucking your blood. When your bed has lots of bugs stay within, it will make you feel uncomfortable in sleeping. Itching is the most common thing happen to your body when your bed is being stayed by bed bugs.  However, there are several fastest ways to get rid of bed bugs out from your beds naturally.

Even though you will lose some time and energy with the activities of ridding the bed bugs, at least you will not need to pay for some bug extermination to get rid of bed bugs. Now, you are reading an article that will provide you with some information regarding of natural and fastest ways to get rid of bed bugs out from your bedroom.

1. Chemical is always the Fast Option!

When you think using chemical is a bad option to clean your bed, then you are screwed. Some people, especially the bug exterminations are using the chemical to clean your bedroom. Yes, using chemical will not be the best option, but it is always the fast option to clean your bedroom from bed bugs.

However, when you are using the chemical material on your own, please take your family outside the room or far away from the room to avoid any infection from the chemical.

2. Please, clean your entire bedroom!

The most common way or Fastest Ways to Get Rid of Bed Bugs out from your bedroom is by cleaning your stuff in the bedroom. Start by turning on your vacuum cleaner and suck all of the dust at your home. Do no stop at that! Clean all of the bed items with hot water to instantly kill the bed bugs.

If you still unsure whether your bed is already free from bed bugs, then you could try spraying some oils made from the extract of lavender. When you do that, the bed bugs will not bother you anymore. Trust it!

3. Try some Diatomaceous Earth!

No no no, do not worry! Diatomaceous earth is not a soil or sand that will make your bedroom or bed to be dirtier. It is a kind of powder created from the fossil of a living organism, such as fish or crabs, which crush the bed bugs by giving the bed bugs dehydration.

If you spread it at your bed, you will see the effect of diatomaceous earth. You will see lots of tiny, living organism pop out at the bed of yours, and that is the bed bugs. Vacuum it as soon as possible to stop it from spreading to your entire bedroom.

If you are wondering how bed bugs appear in the first place and want to avoid any bed bugs in your bedroom, then you can do several tricks below:

  • Increase your bed cleaning. You might still clean your bed regularly, but when you have experienced bed bugs, then you have to give more effort in cleaning your bed. At least, you have to do twice a time based from regular basis of cleaning your bed to prevent any bed bugs from infesting your bed
  • Cover your bed. You could encase your bed with several bed covers. Some bed cover might not specifically design to prevent bed bugs, but some are specifically designed for it. Look for that bed covers!

That is the 4 Natural and Fastest Ways to Get Rid of Bed Bugs out from your bedroom. Make sure to keep all your stuff in the bedroom clean to avoid the bed bugs from spreading to every place in your bedroom or even spreading to all of your stuff, like your couch. Believe me, you will not want to have any bed bugs living in your bedroom.


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