How to Get Rid Of Red Ants in the House with Fast and Natural Ways

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Many people find the red ants enter to their house and garden when warm season and rain season come. They enter the house and live at behind door or the wall corner. They usually built their house inside woods or walls. In another case, they enter to the garden and built their house inside soil which will look like a mound of soil. There is a research about these red ants in Texas, it finds that the red ants can live with around hundred, thousand, till million personnel in every each team or colony.

There are many kinds of ants in the world but the most of them are the kind of house attack ants such like carpenter, acrobat, odorous, pharaoh, and pavement ants. They ruin floor, cable and the house materials which are made from wood.

In addition, these kinds of house ants can also ruin the resident’s plants which are most usually ruined by the kind of red ants.  Then what should people do to stop the red ants enter to their houses? Here is the information about how to get rid the red ants in the house with fast and natural ways.

Sometimes people feel frustration because they don’t know how to get rid the red ants in the house. They usually use a chemical liquid which called by pesticides to kill or drive out the red ants from the house. Using pesticide is not the precise way because the pesticide is a danger impact for people and the environment.

There are natural and fast handling ways to get rid the red ants in the house. In this case, big patience is required to get the best result because its process takes a long time

1. White Vinegar

Before people apply the white vinegar to the red ants, they are better to know the procedure in using it. The procedure is divided into three steps. Step one; mix the water, any essential oil and white vinegar in some splash bottle, step two;  spray its mixture to the red ants’ streets or around their houses.

They don’t like the smell of white vinegar and it makes the red ants lost their smell tracks and their directions. Step three; after one hour, lap the red ants with tissues and throw it. The last step is better to do every day to make sure that the red ants do not exist again. This is the choice one how to get rid the red ants in the house.

2. Borax

Pour borax onto jelly with same doses.  After that, put its mixture near of the red ants’ houses. The red ants like the smell of jelly and borax so when they approach and eat the jelly, they will die after a few minutes. Another mixture which is used also to kill the red ants is the mixture of sugar and borax with a little water so put it at the same place as before.

3. Cinnamon

The cinnamon smell makes the red ants run away from the house. In 2014, there is journal research about the effective way in how to get rid of red ants in the house with using essential oil of cinnamon. People can use a half teaspoon of essential oil of cinnamon and dissolve it in water. They can put its liquid onto the top of red ants’ house holes with cotton.

4. Lemon

The smell and the sour of lemon make the red ants’ lost their direction. It is easy to use lemon to get rid the red ants in the house. People just slice the lemon into to pieces after that they can scrub the lemon pieces onto the red ants’ homes or streets.

Many natural ways can be applied to get rid the red ants in the house. People can easy find those ingredients in the kitchen and make the mixture of them to kill or drive out the red ants from house or garden.

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