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As if I needed something to fuel my book addiction! Really, I’m so glad I received this book to review. Read for the Heart is a book about books. As if that weren’t enough for me, it was published by well-known homeschool publisher Apologia and written by Sarah Clarkson (grown daughter of pioneer homeschoolers Clay & Sally Clarkson). With all that going for it, I must say that I had an inkling I’d like it.


An Overview

Author Sarah Clarkson was raised on good books. Her desire in writing this book is to share the best of the best reads with us, as well as share a bit on how to make reading part of your life. Reading categories include:

      • Picture Books
      • Golden Age Classics
      • Children’s Fiction
      • Fairy Tales and Fantasy
      • History and Biography
      • Spiritual Reading for Children
      • Poetry
      • Music, Art and Nature

Our Experience

I have always read to my children since they were babies. When I began my homeschool journey 10 years ago, I learned about the idea of reading aloud to my children whether their were pictures or not. I distinctly remember sitting on the couch with a usually wiggly boy who was entranced with A.A. Milne’s The House at Pooh Corner. I was a believer!

Although I have lots of fond reading memories over the years with my six children, I’m always in need of suggestions on the best books. So after finishing Read for the Heart, I sat with book in hand and got on my library’s website to reserve some of Sarah’s recommendations — there are 1000 in all!

I was particularly impressed with the picture books. Because my energy is often spent on what my older children are learning, I no longer have my finger on the pulse of great picture books. My little girls loved reading these wonderful stories and seeing the beautiful illustrations. My six year old is trying to hide the library’s copy of Down Buttermilk Lane just because she loves the story of the Amish family so much.

I’ve added the chapter books to my older children’s reading list for the summer. And while I had heard of many books and authors before, I really appreciated the description, and sometimes caution, Sarah gives for each book. It’s obvious she truly enjoyed each and every book she recommends. Just hearing her tell of the days she spent with her family for read-alouds makes me want to be sure we spend more time doing it for years to come.

My Opinion

This is an excellent book to guide you to the best books to read with your children.  Many of the choices are books we’ve read or heard of before, but I think Read for the Heart is a welcome choice for families who don’t want to waste time reading mediocre literature. Sarah Clarkson is a beautiful writer, which in itself is fruit of the literature-rich life her parent’s provided.

Although the most likely reader of  Read for the Heart is a parent or teacher, I plan to let my 11 year old daughter read through it to see which selections pique her interest. If you’re a parent of a preschooler or a new homeschooler, this is a must-have book for your shelf that will guide your families reading for years to come. And believe it or not, those years will fly by! But I promise–you won’t ever regret spending time reading wonderful books with your children.

Product: Read for the Heart by Sarah Clarkson

Company: Published by Apologia Press

Ages: Written for parents, suggestions range from picture books to high school books.

Price: $17

Available: Apologia Online Store

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