Work-at-home in progress

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I’m stunned to see how long it’s been since I’ve posted anything new. Summer had absolutely no routine. I think I wrote all of about three new posts!

Habits are back in place as we are now back to school, but my habits this year are something brand new to me. I’m working at home. The little essential oil business I joined as an Independent Product Consultant in the spring has grown into a lovely business in which I’m so excited to be investing my time and energy.

Helping people find natural solutions that really work has sparked a new passion in my heart. But it’s not leaving a lot of time for other creative ventures. So while I hope time will make room for more writing and sharing, I just felt it was important to let you all know what’s become of me. I’m not quitting blogging or anything like that. Life is good. God is good. And He continues to guide and bless my family’s new journey in a new place that is now feeling just like home.

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